Bringing more light to this 50 ft x 50 ft aircraft hangar motivated this homeowner to explore our LED, Low Voltage, Network Based, Lighting & Control Systems. With a little planning, a lot of fun by the installers and two half days, the job was complete and this home owner is more than satisfied.

Component Configuration:

Watch this installation video to see the process for these homeowners to install their new Lighting & Control System.

When asked what their favorite feature is, the homeowners replied:

  • Motion Sensors to activate the lights.
  • Programmability. They programmed their system to flash the lights five times every evening at 5:00! We believe they are enjoying their system!

“What a difference LED lighting makes. Would recommend everyone check out PMMI Lighting LLC. Just installed the LED lighting in our hangar and it is like night and day. Never realized how dark our hangar lighting was. Instant on, motion sensors, can dim, cost effective. Compatible with Alexa so you can just say “Alexa turn on HANGAR lights” This is a MUST have for ALL hangar owners!!”

Beth & Gary, Texas

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