New Homes, Small Offices

A multi-board system for a typical new home that is 3,500 square feet, historically takes a system that is comprised of:

  • PMMI Lighting Controller & HUB
  • Six driver boards (can support up to 768 6watt light fixtures)
  • Three switch boards (can support up to 24 switches)
  • One motion board (can support up to 16 motion sensors)
  • AC interface with 16 relays (can support up to 16 – 10 amp lines)

Perfect for the new home or small office application where expandability is desired. The multi-board system allows users to have between 1 and 10 driver boards (16 drivers each), between 1 and 6 switch boards (8 inputs each), and between 0 to 2 motion boards (16 inputs each).

Multi Board, Lighting & Control System Components

PMMI Lighting Controller

The PMMI Lighting Controller, Arduino Mega 2560 Controller, is the “brains” of the lighting control system and provides real-time monitoring of switches, motion detectors, and timed events, and subsequent control of the lighting system. It is completely dedicated to these real-time functions in order to ensure high reliability, responsive, and smooth (no flicker) lighting-control performance.

The PMMI Controller provides RJ45 connections for the PMMI Lighting HUB, LED Driver, Switch Reader, and Motion Reader. Housed in the Control Center.

Arduino processors are single-board computers available from Arduino and many third-party suppliers. Millions are in service in professional and do-it-yourself applications across the globe. It is a premier platform used in electronics and computer engineering education programs worldwide. Click here for more information on the Arduino Mega 2560.

PMMI Lighting HUB

The PMMI Lighting HUB, featuring the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ is a single-board computer running the Raspbean Linux operating system. In the PMMI Lighting System, housed in the Control Center, the Raspberry Pi provides:

  • Internet Connectivity (WiFi and Ethernet)
  • Graphical User Interface for PMMI support
  • Real-time server for Arduino controller (e.g. time and configuration updates, remote control)
  • Installation-specific configuration hosting

The Raspberry Pi is an open-source computing platform available from multiple vendors and broadly used worldwide by product manufacturers, educators, and do-it-yourselfers. Click here for more information on the Raspberry Pi.

Driver Board

Light fixtures in the PMMI Lighting System are driverless, they do not have on-board drivers. Instead, driver electronics are hosted on Driver Boards located in the Control Center. Separating the driver from the fixture allows the electronics to operate at lower temperatures thus extending life expectancy. Eliminating the driver from the fixture also reduces fixture cost.

Each Driver Board can accommodate up to 16 LED light strings or “Channels”, each comprised of up to 7 fixtures connected in a daisy chain manner using Cat5 cable.

Each channel has a constant-current driver. Driver output current, and thus luminaire intensity, is controlled through a PWM input signal delivered by an on-board 12-bit PWM controller providing high-fidelity lighting control.

PWM control is regulated between zero and 100 percent. This results in constant current output from zero to the driver’s rated current. In this example, 1 Amp (1000ma) drivers are used. In the event that the physical area illuminated by the channel is too bright, it’s possible to lower the maximum intensity by swapping out the driver module for 300, 500, 700, and 1000ma drivers. It is also possible to set the max light percentage output by specifying it in the configuration software under the channel tab without changing out the drivers.

Switch Reader Board

Housed in the Control Center,  each Switch Reader can accommodate up to eight switch strings, each comprised of up to seven individual switches connected in a daisy chain manner using Cat5, Cat5e or Cat6 cable. A maximum of six Switch Reader Boards can be used in the system.

Motion Reader Board, 16 position

Each Motion Reader, 16 position, can accommodate up to sixteen PMMI Lighting’s motion detectors, each connected using a Cat5/6 cable. The multi-board system allows two Motion Reader Boards maximum. The Control Center houses the Motion Reader Board.

Daylight Harvesting, 14 position

Each Daylight Harvesting Reader Board, 14 position, can accommodate up to 14 PMMI Lighting’s, daylight harvesting sensors, each connected using a Cat5/6 cable. The multi-board system allows one Daylight Harvesting Reader Board maximum. The Control Center houses the Daylight Harvesting Reader Board.