Lighting & Control Systems for the Smart Home

Expandable Multi-Board, Lighting & Control System

Multi-Board System Control Center Architecture:

Designed to accommodate residential, and small to medium commercial applications. The multi-board Lighting & Control System employs an expandable approach that accommodates up to 1,280 LED light fixtures, 336 wall switches, 16 motion detectors and 14 daylight harvesting sensors distributed throughout the subject building. Light fixtures, switches, motion sensors and daylight harvesting sensors connect using Cat5/6 cable into a cluster of LED Driver Boards, Switch Reader Boards, Motion Reader Boards and Daylight Harvesting Board. These circuit boards are all housed in a Control Center along with the PMMI Lighting Controller and PMMI Lighting HUB.

Single-Board, Lighting & Control System

Single-Board System Control Center Architecture:

Designed to accommodate new builds of small residential (cottages, tiny-homes, RVs, mobile homes) applications. The single-board Lighting & Control System accommodates up to 96 LED fixtures, 14 wall functions, and 2 motion sensors. The Single Board Controller, as well as The PMMI Lighting HUB are all housed in the Control Center. PMMI Lighting’s LED, Low voltage, Light Fixtures and Wall Switches connect into the Control Center through a series of daisy-chained, Cat5/6 cables, therefore providing both power and control. Likewise, motion detectors connect using Cat5/6 cable for both power and control.

Cat5/6 Cabling

Lighting & Control Systems use Cat5, Cat5e or Cat6 cable with RJ45 connectors for power and control. All PMMI Lighting’s LED Light Fixtures and wall switches connect to the control panel through a series of daisy chained Cat5/6 cables. Likewise, motion detectors connect using Cat5/6 cable for both power and control. Cat5/6 jumper cables are used for inter-board communications. The use of low-voltage cable eliminates the need for conduit hence allowing another significant cost reduction.

Internet Connectivity

The PMMI Lighting HUB provides internet connectivity to the lighting system through Ethernet. PMMI support uses internet for timed events, installation, diagnostics, configuration, and software updates.

Power Supply

  • 12V DC – to power the controller
  • 12V, 24V, 26V or 48V DC – to power the fixtures

How many fixtures can be daisy chained?

The different DC voltages determine the number of LED light fixtures that can be daisy chained per channel. For this example below we will use the 6 watt LED Recessed Downlight Fixtures.

PMMI Lighting LED Light Fixtures are powered with either 12V, 24V, 36V or 48V DC.

  • A 12V power supply supports two downlight per channel
  • A 24V power supply supports four downlights daisy chained per channel
  • A 36V power supply supports six downlights daisy chained per channel
  • A 48V power supply supports eight downlights daisy chained per channel


AC/DC power supplies are readily available which accommodate standard 120V AC and 240V AC line voltage. These power supplies are used as stand alone, or in combination with a UPS Backup System that provides backup power in the event of a grid power failure. The system works well for off-grid applications with battery backed solar or wind power.

PMMI Lighting support can help size and select power equipment for any application.