Single Board, Lighting & Control System Components

PMMI Lighting Hub

Part# 6010

The PMMI Lighting HUB, featuring the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ is a single-board computer running the Raspbean Linux operating system. In the PMMI Lighting System, housed in the Control Center, the Raspberry Pi provides:

  • Internet Connectivity (WiFi and Ethernet)
  • Graphical User Interface for PMMI support
  • Real-time server for Arduino controller (e.g. time and configuration updates, remote control)
  • Installation-specific configuration hosting

Single Board Controller

Part# 6071

The Single Board Controller essentially combines functionality of the Mega Base board, LED Driver board, Switch and Motion reader boards into a single board system for use in small applications.

It can accommodate up to 12 LED light strings, 2 switch strings, and 2 motion sensors. Coupled with a PMMI Lighting HUB, the Single Board System offers a very simple and economical solution. Perfect for tiny homes, cottages, mobile homes, RVs, and small commercial establishments.

Paired with PMMI Lighting’s ShopLights, the Single Board Controller is the base of our ShopLight System for lighting renovations of barns, hangers, shops, workspaces, and other utility buildings.