How are Alexa device names determined from my PMMI configuration?

The PMMI Lighting system uses “Areas” and “Scenes” by convention, and Alexa uses “Devices” and “Scenes”. PMMI “Areas” are inherited by Alexa as Devices, and PMMI Scenes are inherited as Alexa Scenes.

Will all of my PMMI Lighting areas and scenes be recognized by Alexa?

Only Areas that have a “Display Order” specified on the Areas tab of the configuration spreadsheet are exposed to Alexa. This is done to avoid cluttering Alexa with area names that you have no need to control remotely (e.g. closets, attic). Note that the display order (from 1 to 255) value DOES NOT determine the order in which areas are displayed in Alexa. Alexa displays devices in alphabetical order.

All PMMI Lighting Scenes will be inherited by Alexa.

Can I name Areas and Scenes anything I want?

It’s best to use names that are easily annunciated and not easily conflicted when spoken. Also avoid using special characters and numbers. For example, an area named “Bedroom 4” will not work properly. Use “Bedroom Four” instead. Likewise a scene named “Basement at 4%” will not be recognized by Alexa. Use “Basement at four percent” instead.

When I change an area or scene name in the PMMI configuration, “Discover Devices” picks up the new area/scene name but does not remove the old one. How do I correct this?

The easiest way to handle this is to login to your Alexa account at Select “Smart Home” and “Devices” or “Scenes” and there is an option to selectively “forget” devices or scenes.  Another option is to select “Forget All” under Devices or Scenes, and then click Discover Devices. This option effectively does a complete refresh of Alexa devices and scenes.