PMMI Lighting Systems

PMMI Lighting Systems are 100% customizable. PMMI Lighting LLC is ready to create the perfect lighting solution for you. Products can be purchased as individual components or in total systems. All estimates are good for 60 days.


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Additional Materials & Supplies for Installation

PMMI Lighting does not sell these items, but they are readily available online and at building supply retail outlets. Following are links to products that we recommend. You may find other suppliers, just make sure all cable is SOLID COPPER Cat5, Cat5e or Cat6 cable.

Cables, Connectors, Tools and Labels

Purchase ONLY solid copper Cat5, Cat5e or Cat6 cable.
Copper coated aluminum which is half price will NOT work with our system. 

Patch Cables 

Links are to Cat5 cable, Cat5e, and Cat 6 stranded patch cables. These are acceptable to use as long as they are SOLID COPPER. The cables in these links already have the RJ45 connector on them, that is specific to patch cables. IF you have to change out the connector, it is NOT the standard RJ45 connector, but is a connector specific to stranded wire. 

Stranded cables should NOT be used for any of the Home Runs, but can be used for jumpers between lights and panel cables like short jumpers from panel to AC interface.

Bulk Cables, Connectors and Tools

Links are to Cat5 cable. Cat5e, and Cat 6 are acceptable to use as long as they are SOLID COPPER. These do NOT have the RJ45 connector on them. Bulk Cable should be used for ALL cable runs over 7 feet long.

Connectors and Tools

Links are to Cat5 connectors and tools. If other size cable is used, make sure appropriate connectors are ordered.


  • Labels (NECESSARY – you’ll thank us later)

Power Source

The PMMI Lighting System operates on 12, 24, 26, or 48V DC. and can be powered by 120V and 240V AC grid power using an AC-DC power supply, or off-grid using solar or wind.

Solar Installations

Grid-Based Power

  • AC to DC Power Supplies – See RS-50-12 to power 12V DC electronics, and LRS, SE, RSP Series power supplies for V2 (LED Drivers)