IFTTT (acronym for If This Then That) is a company that runs an online digital automation platform that provides a visual interface for cross-platform integration among service providers in the Internet of Things (IoT). Hundreds of service providers representing everything from smart lighting to motion, temperature, humidity smoke sensors, door locks, thermostats, household appliances, security, mobile phones, time/day/month triggers, and much more can be tightly integrated.

The PMMI Lighting Service on the IFTTT platform provides an opportunity for our users to integrate PMMI Lighting systems with an array of 3rd party systems and event triggers. Users can set light levels and activate scenes on their PMMI Lighting system as detailed below. These actions can now be triggered by events from a wide array of other vendor products. It also enables sophisticated integrations with third party lighting and other systems.

PMMI Lighting Service on IFTTT Platform

See https://ifttt.com/pmmi_lighting

Users will create a personal account on the IFTTT platform and create Applets that use the PMMI Lighting service for actions and queries. The first time you connect to the PMMI Lighting service in IFTTT, you will be asked to provide your PMMI Lighting user name and password as a means of giving permission for secure control of your PMMI Lighting system. These are the same credentials used for the PMMI Lighting app so if you already use the app, you’re all set. If not, setup information can be found HERE to create a PMMI Lighting account or change a password if necessary.