PMMI Lighting Mobile App

The PMMI Lighting Mobile App gives you full control of Area (zone) light levels and lighting scenes from your Apple or Android phone or tablet. 

Mobile App

1)  Configure “Areas” and “Scenes” in your PMMI Lighting system (see

2)  Connect your PMMI Lighting System to the Internet by attaching an Ethernet cable between the lighting hub (Raspberry Pi) and your router, or by configuring WiFi in the hub.

3)  Submit email to with “App Authorization” in the subject line. When confirmed, this will associate one or more email addresses with your PMMI Lighting System serial number for access and control. In the email provide:

  • Your name
  • System serial number for your system
  • Contact phone
  • Email address or addresses that you want to allow control of your system.

Upon email confirmation from PMMI Lighting, proceed to the next step.

4) Go to the App Store for Apple iPhone and iPad users and Google Play for Android users. Download the “PMMI Lighting” Mobile App onto your device.

5)  Open the PMMI Lighting Mobile App and select “Register” from the login screen. Complete the registration form to create a login account with PMMI Lighting. Be sure to specify one of the email addresses authorized above as the username. A 6-digit verification code will be emailed to you. The App will request this code the first time only.

That’s it… enjoy!


Area light levels are controlled using sliders or by toggles on the Area Controls page. Areas configured as “Toggle Only” or “Daylight Harvesting” in Step 1 are controlled with toggles. Daylight Harvesting Areas are denoted with a leaf beside the Area name and current light level shown beside the name. 

Slider Controls control dimmable Areas. Simply move the slider control to the desired level. Touch Area name to toggle the light level between 0 and 100%.

Toggle between Area Controls and Scene Controls by clicking on the tabs at the bottom of the screen.

On the Scene Controls page, simply press a Scene name to trigger that lighting scene. Scenes set one or more Areas to specified levels as defined in the configuration file (step 1 above). Those light levels will respond immediately and reflect on the Area Controls page within 15 seconds of the Scene trigger.

The System Name (e.g. John’s Lake House) specified in the configuration file appears at the top of the App. A house icon, to the left of the system name shows either a check mark or red “X”. The check mark implies that the system is in “Home” mode and a red “X” implies “Away” mode. Toggled between home and away mode by triggering scenes on the Scene Controls page.

Automatic Light Level Updates

In the event that that a light level changes as a result of a switch press, motion trigger, or timed event, the App will reflect changes within 15 seconds.

Daylight Harvesting is a technique that makes use of daylight to offset the amount of energy needed to light a space. The concept involves the use of automated lighting control to reduce “powered” light output as daylight encroaches into the space through windows, skylights, etc. As the control system continuously adjusts the light level, the App also displays that level beside Daylight Harvesting Areas on the Area Controls page.