LED Light Fixtures

LED Light Fixtures by PMMI Lighting, LLC offer many benefits over conventional high voltage luminaries, and even other LED bulbs and fixtures available in the market.

  • Life Expectancy — up to 10x over incandescent, 3x over CFL, and 2x over other LEDs
  • Efficiency — 70% higher luminous efficiency than incandescent lamps, and up to 25% improvement over competing LED lamps and fixtures
  • High Reliability — Low temperature operation and parallel LED circuitry
  • Safety — Improved safety from low voltage and low temperature operation
  • Low Installation Cost — low voltage cabling and simple mounting
  • Daisy Chained — Fixtures are daisy chained to form a light string or “Channel”. Each Channel connects to the LED Driver Board in the Control Center.
  • ProLight Series (new design) Wired with 16 or 18 AWG / 2 Conductor wire.

LED Recessed Downlight

Fixture Can

Fixture Can
Part# 7080 • Used with Fixture 8402 if insulation is present
Overall box size 6.125″ Height x 4.125″ Width x 2.75″ Depth
Hole diameter 3.9375″

Gimbal LED Light Fixture

Outdoor LED Double Flood Light Fixture

Outdoor LED Double Flood Light Fixture
Power: 12W each, 24W total • Color: 3000K
Voltage Drop: 12V each, total 24V
Part# 8425

LED Shop Light, 24 Watt

LED Strip Light w/diffuser

Bulbs & Adaptors

PMMI Lighting Low Voltage, LED Bulbs

Low Voltage Bulbs – Not Compatible with AC Power. Use only with Low Voltage PMMI Lighting System and Fixture Conversion Kit available from PMMI Lighting.

Required wiring for customer supplied fixtures that use PMMI Lighting Bulbs above.

We recommend using No-Ox on all connections to reduce corrosion!

ALL connectors on the end of ALL cables should have NO OX on them. We believe so strongly about this that PMMI Lighting provides one free container for every system sold.