More than a Candle Holder

Originating from the French word “chandelle,” chandelier literally means, “candle holder,” and when they first appeared, that was about all they did. The first known chandeliers appeared during the 14th century and were a simple design: two wood beams forming a cross with a spike at the end of each to hold a candle. The purpose of these original chandeliers was to furnish light for the room.

When electrification of homes became popular, the normal method of lighting a home was to hang a light from the center of the room with a pull chain or twist switch on the socket to turn it off and on. The center light in each room remained the main method of lighting homes well into the 1990s. During this time, the central light fixture evolved into a decorative centerpiece and light source. They are still popular today as a decorative centerpiece, but reliance on them for functional lighting is no longer.

When recessed down lights entered the lighting scene, it became apparent they could be used to LIGHT a space without distracting from the design of the room. The chandelier no longer needed to serve as the primary source of illumination for the room so could be fitted with low light bulbs as to not detract from the beauty of the fixture. Chandeliers and decorative lighting should be used to realize design elements of the room. High efficiency recessed down lights can be used to light the room.

How many homes have you been in that had too much light? Probably none. Why not over-light the home? Experiment with how much light you want in each space, and then cap the max illumination to the desired level. The result of over-lighting or adding more fixtures is that each area is lit precisely for its intended use. Efficiency and lamp life expectancy is gained in the process.

PMMI Lighting Systems easily accomplishes this task with absolute control of customized ambiance and functionality for the intended use. If the homeowner decides to convert a bedroom to an office, lighting is no problem. Lighting remains customizable by modifying the software in a user friendly excel spread sheet. 

At PMMI Lighting we desire to help accomplish your lighting goals.