PMMI Lighting Wall Switches

Wall switches in the PMMI Lighting System use momentary closed contacts to control lights. Switches are not powered and have only simple on-board logic. The result is an effective yet low cost switch by comparison with X10, Insteon, and other “smart” switches.

  • One, two, three, four, and six button configurations are available.
  • Mounted in standard single and multi-gang electrical boxes.
  • Switches have “IN” and “OUT” RJ45 connectors on the back to accommodate Cat5 cable connections.
  • Up to seven switches can be daisy chained using Cat5 jumper cables to form a switch cable.
  • Each switch cable connects to the Switch Receiver Board in the Control Center.
  • No additional cabling (e.g. power) is required.

Each switch is configured in software to behave in a variety of different ways depending on usage. Options include:

On  •  Off  •  Toggle  •  Dimmer  •  Soft On  •  Soft Off  •  Soft Toggle  •  Scene