PMMI Lighting Wall Switches

Wall switches in all PMMI Lighting System use momentary closed contacts to control lights. Switches are not powered and have only simple on-board logic. The result is an effective yet low cost switch by comparison with X10, Insteon, and other “smart” switches.

  • One, two, three, four, and six button configurations are available.
  • Mounted in standard single and multi-gang electrical boxes.
  • Switches have “IN” and “OUT” RJ45 connectors on the back to accommodate Cat5 cable connections.
  • Up to seven switches can be daisy chained using Cat5 jumper cables to form a switch cable.
  • Each switch cable connects to the Switch Receiver Board in the Control Center.
  • No additional cabling (e.g. power) is required.

Each switch is configured in software to behave in a variety of different ways depending on usage. Options include:

On  •  Off  •  Toggle  •  Dimmer  •  Soft On  •  Soft Off  •  Soft Toggle  •  Scene

ALL connectors on the end of ALL cables should have NO OX on them. We believe so strongly about this that PMMI Lighting provides one free container for every system sold.