The ProLight II pulls the functionality of our expandable system into a small one board system for small applications.

Perfect for a barn, hangar, garage, tiny home, cottage, RV, she shed, man cave, small commercial establishments, you get the drift, just any thing you want to light.

The ProLight II, is composed of

  • One Enclosure with:
    • ProLight II Controller
    • 12V DC Power Supply
  • 48V Power Supply (mounted outside the enclosure)


  • Manually programming using a small patch panel & shunts.
  • Manual Reset
  • Five onboard switches
  • 16 drivers (supports up to 128 – 6 watt light fixtures)
  • Three switch inputs (21 discrete switches)
  • Five motion areas (multiple sensors per area)
  • One day/night sensor

Raspberry Pi Board (optional)

If you want to use the PMMI Lighting APP, you need this.

The Raspberry Pi Board is a computer running the Raspbean Linux operating system. The Raspberry Pi Board provides:

  • iPhone & Android App Remote Access
  • Internet Connectivity (WiFi and Ethernet)
  • Graphical User Interface for PMMI support
  • Real-time server for Arduino controller
  • Installation-specific configuration hosting