PMMI Lighting LLC formed in 2017 to introduce Low Voltage LED Lighting Systems to the home and commercial building market. The owners, coming together with more than 30 patents to their credit, previously created innovative products for the Law Enforcement, RV, Chemical, Petrochem, Pharmaceutical, Aerospace and Nuclear industries.

With excitement and determination, a revolutionary approach to lighting homes began. Committed to making the best product possible with the simplest design, the owners set out to design a lighting system that would be low voltage, LED and affordable. The programmable lighting system, powered and controlled with Cat5 cable, offers energy efficiency and automation for the Smart Home builder. PMMI Lighting Systems are ideal for new construction, major remodels of homes and commercial buildings, as well as for lighting upgrades in workshops, garages, barns, hangars and other utility buildings.


To offer a practical and cost-effective, yet highly innovative, lighting alternative for homeowners and homebuilders.

Having the experience of building many personal homes with different smart lighting systems, the owners were motivated to design their own. In the early 1960’s, experience was gained installing a GE Touch Plate System, and yes, there was electricity back then. Building a home in 2000 using the X10 system, and then updating to Insteon in 2010 stimulated the desire to design a lighting system with more innovation and less involvement. Simplicity, with maximum innovation is always the motivation when designing. The last experience renovating a family home with Insteon, led to great expense, costing over $3000 for 50 switches alone. With all these experiences,the owners, were determined to design a lighting system that was innovative, low voltage, and programmable.

Brainstorming and designing became a serious endeavor in 2015 with a commitment to create an energy saving, low voltage, lighting system. Realizing expensive computing hardware and proprietary software were major cost drivers for other systems on the market, the owners resolved to design a system differently. PMMI Lighting chose to use as a base to their system an open source controller and computer.  The Arduino Mega controller and Raspberry Pi computer allowed the design to develop. Arduino, in business for about 15 years, has an established a market of 1.5 million units per year, including clones. The Raspberry Pi enjoys similar success. Used by professionals, educators and do-it-yourselfers in engineering, programming, robotics, and control projects these open source systems have proven their extremely reliability.

Continuing the design, development of high efficiency PMMI LED Fixtures, Switches, LED Driver Boards, Switch and Motion Reader Board ensued. A high-performance software platform allowed the programmability desired to complete the system. In all design work, PMMI Lighting keeps reliability, innovation and simplicity forefront.

Our primary test home is located in Sweeny, Texas and we love to show it off.  With over 300 light fixtures, 150 switches, and 5 motion detectors, it is a true test of performance and reliability. Contact us if you would like to take a look.

PMMI Lighting Systems installed by builders and homeowners around the United States are conserving energy and satisfying customers.

Mission Accomplished
Simple, Innovative, Reliable, and Cost Effective

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