Design & Support from Concept to Completion

Whether you are a professional builder or DIYer, the transition to LED, low voltage, smart lighting can be confusing. There are new design opportunities to explore and yes, some pitfalls to avoid. Don’t worry, we are here to help every step of the way.


  • Projects begin with a discussion between you and one of our team members about the design blueprints and electrical plan. Mail us a copy and we can get started.
  • Provide the design team a list of any special lighting dreams and goals for the build.
  • Before spending a dime, our design team will help layout a lighting plan including fixtures, switches, and motion detectors. Along with this, a customized PMMI Lighting System will be recommended.
  • You’ll receive a complete cost estimate detailing every component.


  • Every PMMI Lighting System we sell is pre-configured, fully tested, and packaged in an equipment cabinet and ready for installation.
  • The system is pre-configured to support installation testing as a means of ensuring that fixtures, switches, and motion detectors are wired properly and operating correctly.
  • While pulling and terminating cable is your responsibility, we can advise on best practices, tools, and cable/terminator sources that will make the job easier. Click here and scroll to the bottom of the pricing page to find our suggested suppliers.


  • This is where it gets fun and where the opportunities and benefits of smart lighting become a reality.
  • We provide an Excel Spreadsheet that you populate to define your specific lighting system and your desired configuration.
  • We’ll guide you through this process with advice on your configuration.
  • If your system is Internet connected via Ethernet, we can even login and assist with diagnostics.
  • Our job isn’t done until your system is fully operational AND you understand how to it works and how to make changes.

If you wish to know detail information on planning, installation, configuration, the links below provide details on those processes.

There are several options available to power your new lighting system from Solar to AC to DC power supplies. For more information click on the link below.

The PMMI Lighting Team would love to hear from you.