Lighting & Control System customers have chosen to mount more than the “normal” amount of fixtures, creating soft, uniform, consistent lighting throughout their spaces. Total control over the intensity of the light allows homeowners to create a beautiful ambience. Lighting & Control Systems eliminate the need for supplemental lighting to sit and read a book. For many who need and/or appreciate higher levels of illumination, Lighting & Control Systems is the answer.

Lighting & Control Systems do the work of illuminating the home, as well as providing a unique beauty to lighting. Chandeliers and decorative lighting can add extra design elements and a lovely glow to the room if desired. In the gallery below you will view our LED Downlight Fixtures powered by Cat5/6 cabling, along with accent lights or chandeliers. Some of the accent lights or chandeliers may have our bulbs and an AC Fixture conversion kit and therefore are powered and controlled through the Cat5/6 cabling. Others might have traditional bulbs. If so, they would be powered by normal AC means, but still controlled through our system via the AC Interface.


Entry Ways

The entry into the home is the first welcome for your family and friends. Many choose to fully light this space, while others prefer a subtle, soft illumination. When designing with PMMI Lighting’s fixtures, the features of the system allow unlimited possibilities. All our bulbs and fixtures are dimmable from zero to 100%. Motion sensors placed in spaces allow home owners total handsfree lighting if desired.

Favorite features of the Lighting & Control Systems in this space:

  • Motion sensors in garage entry ways, illuminating the walk to the kitchen.
  • Timed events to automatically turn on entry lights in the evening to 40%, and off at bedtime.

Kitchens, Dining Rooms

The kitchen and dining areas remain a popular space of every home. Even if cooking is not your thing, this space allows a beautifully lit space for schoolwork, business and family game night to take place. With ample light, and no need for desktop lamps, baking, working and playing are all welcome. Again, all our bulbs and fixtures are dimmable from zero to 100%, allowing total illumination or dimming for a softer effect. 

Favorite features of the Lighting & Control Systems in this space:

  • Installing strip lights with diffusers inside the upper cabinets and finding the perfect level of light (20%-100%) to feature the contents.
  • Timed events to turn on cabinet lights (inside and under) to 5% for night lights at bedtime and off at sunrise. The kitchen glows beautifully.

Living and Family Rooms

Ceiling types vary greatly in living and family rooms. As is visible in the photos, downlights provide clean, smooth, shadow free lighting with or without additional chandeliers, fixtures and fans. Customer supplied fixtures can be used in a room with our bulbs, allowing total power and control through our system using our AC fixture conversion kits. If traditional bulbs are used, the system can control them with on and off functions though the AC Interface, but they are powered via traditional AC means.

Favorite features of the Lighting & Control Systems in this space:

  • Gimbals in front of the fireplace and/or illuminating paintings/pictures
  • Creating a scene for MOVIE time.
    • A typical MOVIE scene might take:
    • Kitchen area to 30% (if visible from the living room)
    • Living Room to 20% (or whatever level desired)
    • Fireplace gimbals off
    • Entry, dining, adjacent rooms and hallways off


Realizing the bedroom is the last space you see in the evening and first in the morning, lighting can support the calming of the evening and the slow rise the morning many require. When ceiling fans are present, downlight should be placed outside the fan space to eliminate any strobing effects created from the blades. If a space is to be used for either a bedroom or an office, additional downlights can be installed over the desk area  allowing a separate control for those areas. Remember that all our bulbs and fixtures are dimmable from zero to 100%, allowing total illumination or dimming for a softer effect. 

Favorite features of the Lighting & Control System. in this space:

  • One button dedicated to a low level light, possibly 10% to allow checking on a loved one without turning on the 100% light.
  • Switches by the bedside to control the whole house. Most popular function is the ALL OUTSIDE toggle if you hear noise outside. A close second is the ALL OFF of the home, to turn off the lights that might have been left on.


Baths allow luxury and functionality to be showcased. One of the beauties of our fixtures is that there are no drivers in the fixtures. The drivers create the majority of the heat of a fixture. Therefore, without drivers you can have as many downlights as desired without adding heat to the room.

Small baths might have:

  1. Downlight in center of bath room – one channel
  2. Two or three bulbs in a vanity fixture – one channel (Some prefer to only install down lights removing the traditional over mirror fixture.)
  3. Bath exhaust – one channel – powered with AC and controlled with our system through the AC Interface.

Larger baths might have several channels that might look like this allowing any to be turned on separately or together:

  1. Toilet room – one channel (sometimes controlled with motion)
  2. Fixtures over the sinks – one channel
  3. Downlights in the center of the bath room – one channel
  4. Shower downlights – one channel (sometimes controlled with motion)
  5. Tub downlights – one channel
  6. Toilet room exhaust – one channel
  7. Main bath exhaust – one channel

If a refreshing bath is desired, turn on the exhaust for the main bath, and the tub lights to 10%, or all lights to 10% depending on the ambiance you want to create. Having these different channels allows a plethora of possibilities when it comes to controllability.

Favorite features of the Lighting & Control Systems in this space:

  • Dimming the lights for a spa type feel while enjoying a luxurious bath or shower. 
  • Motion in the toilet room that allows the light to come on at 100% during daylight hours and on at 10% in the evening/night so the lights don’t bring you to fully awake with making those night potty runs.

Laundry, Closets & Pantries

The majority of all laundries, closets and pantries in homes with a Lighting and Control System use motion sensors. Allowing the lights to come on when you enter a space and off after a predetermined time, creates a confidence that wasted energy is not an issue. Downlights and strip lights are the most commonly installed in these areas, and although dimmable, are usually on with 100% brightness.

Favorite features of the Lighting & Control System in this space:

  • Motion sensors allowing handsfree control of lights. 

Garages, Workshops, Attics, Barns, Hangars

Garage, workshop, shed, basement, hangar or barn, the lighting possibilities are endless. Downlights, shop lights, strip lights, floodlights, it is just a matter of design and preference. “You can never have too much light!” – happy customer

Favorite features of the Lighting & Control Systems in this space:

  • Motion sensors allowing handsfree control of lights. Sensors can be chained together in large spaces to allow several motion sensors to control the same area.
  • Creating channels to be controlled together or separately depending on the space being used. Ex: 1 Channel for workbench, 1 channel for entry, 1 channel for car spaces

Outdoor Spaces

Making the house glow at night with downlights in the soffits of the home createss a beautiful soft glow to the home. Even when living in a low light community, the soffit lights at 5% don’t disrupt the night sky, but allow for safe passage around your home. Taking the lights to 100% illumination if necessary is an added feature if you hear an intruder or have the need for total light. 

Favorite features of the Lighting & Control Systems in this space:

  • Timed events that bring the soffit lights on at sunset to 20%, and then takes them to 5% at midnight and off at dusk.