Revolutionizing Lighting with Network Based, LED, Low Voltage Direct Current Control Systems

Ideal for spaces that need to be lit!

New Homes, Pool Houses, Remodels, Basements, Garages, Barns, She Sheds, Man Caves, Hangars, you get the idea… you’ve got a space that needs light, we’ve got a Low Voltage Lighting System to be considered!

Whether it be new construction or remodels and upgrades, when you are ready to illuminate a space, we have a variety of models to accommodate the size of the build. Our smallest system is perfect for a shed or garage, with 4 channels and up to 32 recessed down lights. Our largest expandable system provides up to 160 channels with up to 1,280 down lights. Models ranging between the minimum and maximum systems assure there is a system to be considered for every space. 

Economic Benefits

Recurring maintenance and energy costs are reduced through:

  • Centralized driver and control electronics isolated from fixtures, switches and motion sensors
    • Driverless fixtures operate at lower temperature improving life expectancy and efficiency
    • Less ambient heat generation in the living space
  • Unique LED circuit design results in 70% efficiency improvement over incandescent lighting, and 20% efficiency improvement over conventional LED
  • Use of low voltage cable throughout eliminates the need for conduit and reduces use of expensive copper Romex
  • Software configuration of switch behavior and lighting control virtually eliminates the need for downstream cabling changes

NEW ProLight Series

The ProLight Series uses 16 or 18 AWG Conductor Zip Cord for connecting fixtures to the Control Panel.

Switches, motion sensors, day/night sensors and daylight harvesting sensors use Cat 5/6 cable for connectivity to the control panel

The ProLight III and II ship mounted in an enclosure that hinges for back access to the mother boards. All cabling comes in through the back allowing more diagnostics to be seen on the front.