Lighting & Control System customers have chosen to mount more than the “normal” amount of fixtures, creating soft, uniform, consistent lighting throughout their spaces. Total control over the intensity of the light allows homeowners to create a beautiful ambience. Lighting & Control Systems eliminate the need for supplemental lighting to sit and read a book. For many who need and/or appreciate higher levels of illumination, Lighting & Control Systems is the answer.

Lighting & Control Systems do the work of illuminating the home, as well as providing a unique beauty to lighting. Chandeliers and decorative lighting can add extra design elements and a lovely glow to the room if desired. In the gallery below you will view our LED Downlight Fixtures powered by Cat5/6 cabling, along with accent lights or chandeliers. Some of the accent lights or chandeliers may have our bulbs and an AC Fixture conversion kit and therefore are powered and controlled through the Cat5/6 cabling. Others might have traditional bulbs. If so, they would be powered by normal AC means, but still controlled through our system via the AC Interface.


Texan Builders – Boerne, Texas

 Texan Builders is a premier builder of luxury, custom homes in the Texas Hill Country, with concentration on Fredericksburg, Comfort, Kerrville and Boerne. Working with Texan Builders as they build custom homes to delight their homeowners is a privilege. A Multi-Board, Lighting & Control System illuminates this beautiful home.

BAM Builders – Waco, Texas

 BAM Builders is a custom home builder in Waco, Texas, servicing the Central Texas area including: Waco, Robinson, Woodway, Hewitt, Lorena, China Springs, West, and McGregor. We are delighted to work with BAM Builders in their Parade of Homes build, to create innovative, energy efficient, smart home Lighting & Control Systems. A Multi-Board, Lighting & Control System illuminates this beautiful home.

CAZBAR – Columbia, Maryland

 CAZBAR is an authentic Turkish Taverna offering Maryland’s finest Turkish cuisine while being entertained with beautiful belly dancing. With locations in Baltimore and Columbia, our Multi-Board Lighting & Control System illuminates their newest location in Columbia. Some features are the automated lighting levels in the dining areas throughout the day and evening to allow the perfect ambiance to enjoy the delicious cuisine. 

Custom Garage – Tennessee

Thank you Dan for sharing photos of your amazing custom garage. A Single Board Lighting & Control System lights this custom garage inside and out.