The MINI Lighting System is a simple, pre-programmed lighting control designed for small installations, or as an instructional tool for academic institutions wishing to demonstrate low-voltage lighting and control. Well suited for RVs, basements, garages, man caves, she sheds, pool houses, and small barns. 

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MINI Lighting System Components


The MINI System supports:

  • Four LED channels (up to seven 6W fixtures each)
  • One switch chain (6 buttons)
  • One motion sensor input.

Unlike the Single and Multi Board systems, the MINI does not support Internet connectivity and remote control.


The first four switch buttons control channels 1, 2, 3, and 4, respectively. Button five controls all four channels. Button six deactivates or activates the motion sensor.

Buttons 1-5 are configured as toggle/dimmers. If pressed and released momentarily, lights are toggled on/off. If pressed and held for more than one second, lights ramp up or down to the desired level. Simply release the switch to set the light level.

Button Functions

  • Buttons 1-4 function as both a toggle and a dimmer for drivers 1-4, respectively.
  • Button 5 functions as both a toggle and a dimmer to control all drivers.
  • Button 6 toggles motion on and off. 

Any number of separate switch locations can be used to trigger any of these 6 functions.

Motion Activation

All four channels can also be motion activated. When motion is detected, lights are turned on and back off 15 minutes after motion ceases.

Depending on your application, you may choose between four pre-programmed models of the MINI System configuration.

Motion – 4 models

  • M1: Motion activates channel 1 only
  • M2: Motion activates channel 1 & 2
  • M3: Motion activates channel 1,2 & 3
  • M4: Motion activates channel 1,2,3 & 4
Paired with PMMI Lighting’s six button switch, motion sensor and light fixtures, the MINI Lighting System is an economical answer for applications where pre-programmed functions are adequate.

In applications where more flexibility is needed, consider stepping up to the Single or Multi-Board systems.

MINI Lighting System available:

MINI Lighting System – DIY Kit

  • Part# 9720
  • MINI Board
  • Six Button Switch
  • Motion Sensor
  • 12V Power Supply for system electronics
  • 48V Power Supply for light fixtures
  • Power Chord
  • Hardware packet (fixture termination plugs, mounting brackets, spacers, screws and wire for mounting)
  • No-Ox-ID
  • Not included: Fixtures, Cat5/6 cable, tools or additional switches or motion sensors if desired

MINI Lighting System – Board, Switch & Motion – Basic Pkg

  • Part# 9740
  • MINI Board
  • Six Button Switch
  • Motion Sensor
  • Not included: Power Supplies, Power Chords, No-Ox-ID, Hardware, Fixtures, Fixture termination plugs, Cat5/6 cable, tools or additional switches or motion sensors if desired

MINI Lighting System Catalogue & Installation Manual 

Catalogue & Installation Manual

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