Not Your Father’s Lighting

Not Your Father's Lighting, flush mount, low voltage

Total Coverage

PMMI Lighting Systems offer an new, innovative path to a Smart Lighting System for your home or office.
Traditional Lighting:
Rooms usually have zero to six flush mounted lights. Several reasons for this.
  • Need to be mounted to ceiling joists
  • Add heat to the room

Lamps needed to cover shadow spots or to enable reading or detail work.

Total Coverage with Innovative Lighting from PMMI:
Create stunning lighting with PMMI Lighting Systems:
  • Add more LED downlight fixtures
  • Reduce glare
  • Reduce hotspots & shadows
  • Fixtures dim from 1% to 100% creating any ambiance you desire
  • LowVoltage, wired with Cat5 Cable so minimal electricity used
  • Install directly to ceiling material with clamps

Add lamps if you want, but you certainly don’t need to for lighting.

Clamp It!

Fixtures clamp to ceiling material, and connect with Cat5 cable allowing creative placement design.
4 watt, flush mount, low voltage fixture
4 watt low profile fixture shown clamped in place.